It’s Oat-K! It’s Alright! Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream

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Oat Beta Glucan, Acerola Cherry, Pili Nut Oil, Probiotics
Fragrance Free. Paraben Free
10.58 oz./Net Wt./ 300gbr />It’s Oat-K! It’s Alright! Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream is a head-to-toe cream that provides instant hydration for dry, itchy skin. This quick-absorbing, ultra-moisturizing cream is recommended for anyone with severely dry, scaly skin caused by harsh weather, aggressive cosmetic treatments, or mild skin conditions. Its luxurious, ultra-hydrating formula provides immediate relief and visible improvement to distressed skin. 

Oat Extract - anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and moisturizing. It helps soothe, smooth and nourish skin. 

Acerola Cherry - contains the highest form of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed by the body. It has a high content of polyphenols, some of which are unique to this particular fruit. 

Probiotics - can fortify the skin’s defense against chemicals and allergens. It will keep a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria on the skin. 

Pili Nut Oil - a known source of Vitamin A, carotenoids, Vitamin E and phytosterols.

Directions: Apply as needed. Use at least twice daily to restore dry or irritated skin.

Warnings: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Should contact occur, flush thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.