Hair Heroes Spectrum Hair Butter

₱ 899.00
SKU: 10800-01

Spectacular Spectrum 5-in-1

Pre-shampoo Damage Control

Anti-fade Cleansing Mud

Post-shampoo Conditioner

Color Seal Masque

Hydrating Body Wrap


Bleach, permanent dyes, semi-permanent color and gloss fade with

harsh shampoo and hair exposure to heat and sunlight. In the face

of dullness and damage, Hair Heroes Spectrum intensies the shine

of your color treated hair, protects your color from fade out and

helps bring back the integrity of your strands after a chemical hit.

What’s more, this unique hair hero can also be used as a full body wrap!



Silt- promotes health and shine of colored hair. It saturates dry and

depleted hair and scalp with moisture.

Coffee- rich in antioxidants. It imparts a rich, deeper tone with fantastic


Goji Berry- a super fruit rich in antioxidants. It nourishes the hair

and scalp of chemically-treated hair.